ReviewVote Internet Marketing Scholarship (2016-2017)

Reviewvote sole purpose is to review consumer products, give detailed and honest insight about them empowering consumers to get the best value for their money.

By assimilating internet marketing into our business development cycle, we can attest to the seamless power and advantages that comes with content marketing.

In light of the above, we have taken an initiative to assist the creative minds out there in the area of internet marketing, by giving them an opportunity to display their prowess and understanding in this field.

We also value giving back to the community and this is just our noble way of promoting students all over the world.

The Scholarship.

We are initiating a “ReviewVote Internet Marketing Scholarship” for postgraduate, undergraduate and college students.

If you feel you have a burning passion for internet marketing, there is an award for $500!(reviewed from initial $400) All you need is to display your prowess by satisfying the requirements below.

Who Qualifies For The Scholarship?

ReviewVote scholarship is open to students who are currently studying in areas of;

  • Marketing,
  • Business,
  • Communication,
  • IT

Remember, you don’t have to be a pro to participate.  A general understanding and passion for internet marketing will suffice.

General Terms of Participation

To participate, do some thorough research and write an 800 – 1000 words article on “Why Content Marketing Is The Future of Marketing”

  • Give your perspective on the state of Content marketing today
  • Why do you think content marketing is important?
  • How is content marketing used today in business?
  • What is the future of content marketing?

(Tip: content marketing is part of the broad internet marketing)

We’ll assess your creativity, articulateness and passion in the subject among other factors. The best person receives $500 to use for tuition or other education necessities.

How To Submit Your Application:

After writing a 800-1000 word article, attach it in a word .doc file and include your;

  • Personal Details (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  • University/ College Name.
  • Your Area of Study.
  • A proof that you are a Student.
  • Your Website URL (if you have any)

Then, submit the word attachment and the details above to [email protected].

NOTE: By submitting your entry to us, you expressly give us permission to use it for either marketing or promotions purposes.

Do you think you can hack it?

Is this the type of scholarship you have been looking for?

Go ahead and show us what you got!


Starting Date: 23rd August 2016

Submission Final Date: 30th April 2017

Reviewing of all submissions: By 31th May 2017

Declaring the Winner and Mailing the cheque: By 30th June 2017

 We’ll send the $500 cheque directly to your university/college.

Applications Closed! Next Scholarship Will be Announced Soon.

Note: This is a yearly scholarship and we’ll give different topic on internet marketing each year for the participation.

Total Submissions: 20

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