Best Portable Generator Sound Enclosure On The Market Reviews (2016)


Quiet Generator BoxWith all the noise, a generator produces while working; it can be a nuisance to use it during the night or on a quiet day without the use of a portable generator sound enclosure.

You may have had a serene state before a blackout struck and the emergency generator starts…

 After that, it is just endless noise until the power is restored. A generator sound enclosure should help sanitize the air from the irritating noise.

What Is A Generator Sound Enclosure?

A generator sound enclosure is a housing that prevents the noise that a generator produces from leaving the housed area. It’s made to absorb as much noise as possible.

A portable generator sound enclosure however, is a housing that prevents the noise from escaping outside and possesses a mechanism and compactness that makes it highly mobile.

Why Do You Need A Portable Generator Sound Enclosure?

A rigid generator enclosure that is left in one area for too long in the sun may be dried out and start to crack, losing its shape and sturdiness.

However, having a portable generator enclosure that can be moved from one place to another is a game changer.sound proof box

You can relocate it to different locations and even carry it along as you go camping…

You may also be in the hood that is full of robbery cases. In a place like this, leaving your generator even in a secured shed may not be a good idea.

The portable generator sound enclosure gives you the ability to remove the whole unit from its unsecured position to a place you are confident of security.

You may also need the portable generator enclosure to keep some items inside that cannot be stored out in the open, a lawn mower for instance.

It may be difficult to find a home generator enclosure that is capable of keeping the noise contained inside.

You can however buy an enclosure for generator and improvise it to be a sound shield (you will learn how to do this at the end of the article).

In order for us to go deeper into that, let us see how you can identify a great generator enclosure to improvise:

Buying Guide For The Best Portable Generator Enclosure:

When you plan to buy a portable generator enclosure, here are a few things that you should consider before you hit that order button:

  • The Enclosure Size:

The smaller the enclosure is, the better it is for you. You need to buy a small portable generator shed that can fit a couple more things however.

You may have some power tools that you have no other place to store, so a bit of extra space to keep them in should do no harm, as long as the portability of the enclosure shed is maintained.

  •  Wheels Inclusion:

Though this is not a necessity, it may be a wise thing to purchase a portable generator enclosure that has wheels on it.

The wheels help in the shed transportation with much effectiveness.

If you have found a great enclosure for your generator that doesn’t not have any wheels, you can make your own small wheeled platform that the enclosure can rest on.

This is however not an important feature and many of the generator sheds built lack this feature.

  • Ability To Be Modified:

Since it may be a futile task finding your own portable generator enclosure that can trap sound and vibration at an effective level, you should get a shed that can be modified to be sound proof.

You need not find a soundproof shed because making it sound proof is a simple and cheap task.

  • Material Used:

Since the shed is supposed to be portable, the best one to buy should be made of plastic or similar materials.

Buying a metallic shed will make it much heavier than what you may handle.

If you find a metallic shed which is roomy enough to prevent heating but also light, you should buy that one so that you will have a lasting shed at your side (rare to find).

Before we learn how to modify the sheds let’s take a look at the best generator storage sheds you can buy to modify for effective noise reduction:

4 Best Outdoor Generator Enclosure For The Money.

1. Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed, 32-cubic ft|Best Quiet Generator Box.

With a full rubber surround, this Rubbermaid shed needs no more modification to trap the noise from the generator.Portable Generator Sound EnclosureCHECK CURRENT PRICE.



  • The rubber absorbs most of the vibrations created by the engine, giving out a clean humming sound.
  • Though large, the shed is highly portable; hence, it is suitable for mobile homes like RVs and boats.
  • It has the capacity to fit more than one large tool together with the generator. Things like lawn mowers and toolboxes.
  • The upper part of the shed is fitted with rollers to make the lid movable; hence, you may remove the items that you store in the shed from above.
  • The portable generator noise reduction shed needs the least maintenance ever. It does not decay or dry up because of the rubber insulation that circulates the whole enclosure.
  • After you receive the generator enclosure, setting it up should be as easy as pie. You just need the common household items to finish the installation.
  • It weighs roughly 93 pounds, which is light enough for you to move around with customized wheels. When empty, you should not find it difficult to move it from place to place even without the wheels.
  • The walls of this Rubbermaid shed are fitted with anchors that can support things that can be messy when left on the floor like cables.

2. Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

The Keter store storage shed can store most of your power tools without looking to quiet a generatorCKECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • The total capacity the shed has is 30 cubic meters, which is way more than what you need for a generator.
  • This large space gives the generator some space to breathe by providing super air circulation cooling the generator.
  • For some fast hands, the whole installation will not take up more than an hour. You can therefore dismantle the whole thing at any day of the month and set it up somewhere else.
  • The shed only weighs 40 pounds, making it ideal for movable homes like RVs. This is one of the lightest weights you can get a shed possessing; hence, you should buy this shed if you value portability.
  • The Keter storage shed can be turned into a soundproof box for its sides are modifiable.
  • Even after making it a generator quiet box, you will still have the capability of securing the items inside with the outside latch in place.
  • The latch is included so that you can secure your generator and other items with a padlock.

3. Arrow WR108 Woodridge EG Steel Storage Shed

This arrow Woodridge storage shed is a great choice for people who value extra space and security more than the portability.portable generator enclosure kitCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • The outdoor generator enclosure is still portable, but is bulkier than the rest of the storage sheds.
  • The structure is made of electrogalvanized steel.
  • The steel is resistant to corrosive materials such as acid rain, making it suitable for areas near industries and everywhere else.
  • The whole structure is indestructible when it comes to insects, heat and rotting. You therefore need not move it from time to time to escape the harsh conditions.
  • Due to the complexity and sturdiness the storage shed possesses, it has a total weight of almost 214 pounds.
  • From afar, the shed looks like it is made of natural wood. The design gives it sort of a cabin look that will really fit the outdoors of a countryside home.
  • The shed is also fairly roomy for almost anything you can consider a tool. The height extends up to 17” high, which is much higher than what you can witness in most of the portable generator enclosure plans.

4. Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed

The Suncast BMS3400 shed is another fine storage shed for your generator.portable generator enclosure plansCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • The massive size of the shed gives you much more space to keep a lot more items in.
  • The shed has a total capacity of 34 cubic meters, which is ample enough for more than a few tools to fit in.
  • The floor of the shed is fully reinforced to provide a sturdy ground for the tools to rest on. Even the heaviest tool that can fit in the shed cannot destroy the floor. This makes it suitable for heavy equipment like the lawn mowers and power tools.
  • A padlock hasp is included to help you protect the contents of the shed in the night or day.
  • The doors open almost all the way through the width of the shed. You can insert anything slightly smaller to the width of the door with ease.
  • This suncast shed weighs only 79 pounds, making it one of the most portable generator sheds around.
  • Since now you may have found the best shed for yourself, it is time for you to pick up the portable generator enclosure kit to make the whole thing noiseless during a blackout.

Tips To How To Make A Generator Shed Noiseless.

Making a portable sound enclosure from the shed you just bought is not that hard. All you need is an insulation material that can is both flexible and heat resistant.

>The first material that you may use is Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a polystyrene material that can be able to absorb the noise with great efficiency. If you circulate the Styrofoam all over the shed, you should have a quiet generator box in no time.

>The other material you can use is rubber. Rubber is the most common material that you can find in the stores. If you have a car or truck, you can recycle the rubber from the worn out tubes of the car.

>Rubber is a great material for making a generator silencer box since it has the ability of bouncing back the noise within the shed.

>It is important to note that you need to use rubber adhesives when sticking the rubber on the walls of the shed.

>Avoid super adhesive glue, as it will leave nasty marks on the sides of the shed as you remove the rubber when it is worn out.

>You can also build portable generator enclosure in a simple rectangular and add either the Styrofoam or the rubber to the walls and ceiling to make it a portable generator sound enclosure.

>The rubber however needs a shed with low heat levels so that it does not burn.