Best Funny Happy Birthday Memes In The World! |The Best Birthday Meme Ever!


There is nothing better than to accompany your birthday gift with a hilarious birthday meme.

Laughter is the best medicine, hence a happy birthday funny meme will give you special place in the heart of whoever is receiving it.

So, What Is A Happy Birthday Meme?

happy birthday memeA funny happy birthday meme is a sentence or phrase that has a bit of humor in it.

The meme livens up the day by adding some fun and laughter.

So, funny happy birthday memes will make his/her big day even more special.

Then again, both the young and the old appreciate a happy birthday meme sent their way.

Try them and enjoy the drama as you transform an otherwise boring birthday to be a thrilling moment for everyone.

Types Of Happy Birthday Funny Memes.

Happy birthday funny memes come in all shapes, sizes, messages, colors, and designs. But which are the most popular?

1. Sarcastic Happy Birthday Funny Memes

The sarcastic birthday memes aim at making a person laugh at a joke that would otherwise be considered irritating on a normal day.

Sarcasm works best when what’s said does not apply in real life . Just be careful not to overdo it by sending exaggerated happy birthday memes.

See the following sarcastic friend birthday meme;

. birthday funny memes

I am sure you laughed. Yes, that’s what sarcastic birthday memes are for.

Why Sarcastic Memes?

  • The sarcastic memes are perfect for every age. More so,  friends in the late twenties and teenagers really love them.
  • A sarcastic friend birthday meme revives that friendly bond that guys have even if you haven’t met recently.

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Now, have fun as you go through our compilation of the funniest birthday memes around;

  • Happy Birthday Memes For Her

Girls love a hearty laugh. If you want her to remember you forever, send her your favorite from the many funny happy birthday memes for her.

You know what? You can’t go wrong with an image that says happy birthday beautiful.

Here are some funny birthday memes to make her realize you are thinking about her on her big day

Happy birthday

happy birthday memes

happy birthday sister images

funny happy birthday meme

funny happy birthday meme

  • Happy Birthday Mom Memes

We all love mummy. Why not surprise her and show your total love with an awesome collection of funny happy birthday images during her big day?

You will make her cry with excitement. Yes, for mums, funny happy birthday pictures are that touching.

The following are just some examples of funny happy birthday memes for your mum;funny happy birthday memes

happy birthday memes

happy birthday memes

happy birthday husband images

  • Funny Love Meme

Rule number one if you want to keep him/her: Never loose an opportunity to impress. Now, since its your lovers biggest party, take advantage and let your star shine brighter!

Nothing beats a witty happy belated birthday meme in this. You will enjoy watching them melt with love! The samples here will give you an idea of what i mean..

friend birthday meme

friend birthday memehappy birthday husband images

happy birthday funny meme

happy birthday images for him

  • Funny Wife Memes

It is said that a nice Jack will always make a nice Jill. I can’t agree more. If you care about your wife, show it by sending her a happy birthday meme on her auspicious occasion.

Nothing touches her like an affectionate and funny happy birthday message from yours truly.

Go ahead and share one of the following memes with her. You will be amazed with the results;

funny happy birthday memehappy birthday memehappy birthday beautiful

happy birthday memeshappy birthday husband meme

  • Funny Brother Meme

Brothers have a knack for always saving the situation. Whenever in a fix,  Mr. Brother is always a call away.

Show him you appreciate by spending some few minutes to share one of our funny happy birthday images with him. It is a small price to pay for all his goodness.

Here are some happy birthday images for him;

happy birthday meme happy birthday memes

happy birthday memhappy birthday picture

  • Funny Boyfriend Memes

A boyfriend can sometimes be a weird character- he may seem not to laugh as much as you want.

Here is a nice little secret- boyfriends like memes (shsh!) but they are shy and won’t say it.

Carefully choose a funny happy birthday image from our happy birthday memes for him and send it then watch as tears of love freely roll down his cheeks even as he thanks you for your heart-warming gesture.  You always be glad that you did it.

The following memes could inspire him during his big day.funny happy birthday meme funny happy birthday memesfunny happy birthday meme

funny happy birthday

happy birthday images for him

  • Happy Birthday Sister Meme

I always remember my big sister for her unending love and her little comical acts like playing mickey mouse.

I don’t know about your sister but i know that many sisters are like that. Now, tell me, how do you appreciate such good sisters?

Well, for me, i prefer standing out by sending her a happy birthday picture. I do it each year as she seems to love them a lot.

So, why not remind your sister that you still care by sending her a happy belated birthday meme?

Here is something for her;


happy birthday memesfunny happy birthday memes


happy birthday funny meme

happy birthday pics

  • Congratulatory Memes

The congratulatory memes aim at making you feel great about the years that you have walked the earth.

I recommend you send them to friends and relatives who have have been around for longer hence they are great as a happy 40th birthday meme.

You can even send a congratulatory meme to a kid who has a sense of humor provided they get the humor.

Here are some happy birthday funny memes that can be used as congratulatory memes;

funny happy birthday meme

funny happy birthday memes

happy belated birthday meme

funny happy birthday images

3. Did You Know? Happy Birthday Memes

To start with, DYK happy birthday memes are the best memes for you to send to anyone; young and old.

Why? They usually give out a funny birthday fact that the person reading did not probably know.

Do you know that people keep the memes short to make them informative and entertaining.

Finally, they have educational value so any age group will appreciate a DYK meme.

Here are some examples of educational memes;

funny birthday memes

happy birthday auntie images

happy birthday dog images

happy birthday dog images

happy birthday meme funny

Adult Funny Birthday Memes

The adult memes are usually erotic in nature, so they are not suitable for children. But they can be romantic gestures, thus they make awesome 30th birthday memes.

So, if your fiancé is having a birthday , a funniest meme can outshine an iPhone that your lover could probably afford.

If you have children, avoid adult memes which are explicit in nature. You know how embarrassing it can be, if your kids found them.

Well, the following happy birthday adult memes should give you a better picture;

happy bday memes

Adult best birthday meme

funny happy birthday images

happy birthday cake pictures


Why Do You Need To Send The Funny Happy Birthday Memes?

  • Laughter

People like laughing. The funny bit of a happy birthday meme lights up birthday parties and chases away any lingering boredom.

  • Shows love

Sending a best friend birthday meme means more than a piece of paper saying happy birthday to the person.

  • Make them live longer

A funny meme can stretch your life span. It has been scientifically proven that people who laugh a lot live longer.

  • Show creativity

You can demonstrate your creative prowess by sending an stunning, hilarious happy birthday meme rather than an ordinary gift.


If you didn’t get what you were looking for, perhaps our bonus funny happy birthday memes could save you;

happy birthday auntie images

funny happy birthday images

funny happy birthday pics

happy birthday husband images

happy birthday cake pictures

There are still lots of birthday memes that you can send without the humorous notion. They will however look like the plain old birthday wishes that you could have sent instead of a funny happy bday meme.

The funny birthday memes have an extra touch that widens that smile that would have lit up the face of the recipient to an uncontrollable laughter. You just have to find funny happy birthday memes that your friend will truly appreciate in that instance.