Best Beach Shade For Babies Reviews 2016 |Best Beach Tents For Kids.

Your kids are also waiting for the summer season to warm up and enjoy the beach. Go ahead and pack your gear (remember a beach shade for babies) and head out straight for the beach as soon as summer comes, because that is where most of summer fun is.

Getting a beach tent for kids might just do a lot more than being fun for kids.

Rushing to the car when a baby takes a nap will just ruin the moment, because you never know when he/ she will wake up. With a beach tent for babies however, the baby can retire in it after having lots of fun outside.


What You Need To Know About Best Beach Tent & Beach Tents For Babies.

Beach tents can protect your baby from over exposure to the

Best Beach Shade For Babies Reviews 2016

sun’s rays. An obvious fact about children is that they have delicate skin that can easily get scorched by the sun.

Apart from sunburn, the skin can also develop cancerous cells which will take years of chemo to get rid of.

Beach shade for babies usually have UV shields that allow some sunshine to spread warmth inside but filter out the harmful rays.

You can toss in a couple of toys in the sun shade tent and let the baby play with them inside if sand seems to be what the child sees as food outside.

Keeping a child away from the sand will not be such an easy task without a baby tent.

What Are The Different Types Of Beach Tents/Infant Beach Tent?

The beach tents are classified according to the type of design:

  • Canopy:  

The canopy beach tents consists of a canopy which hangs up over a ground canvas. They are really simple and are great for a good view of the beach. They also allow the baby to feel the wind.

  • Screened Full Tent:

The screened full baby tent has an entrance, which can be zipped up to cover the whole tent. The tents can allow in as much light as possible, but will not be able to let through much of the wind.

  • Full Baby Tent:

The full baby tent is much like the screened one, but this one is usually shaped like a quarter of a sphere and has ample space for almost the whole family.

The design is however meant for babies, so do not confuse it it the other types of tents.

Best Baby Beach Tent/ Best Beach Shade For Babies Buying Guide.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when you are buying beach shade for babies;

  • Color:

A child will feel comfortable in a beach tent that has his/ her favorite color. The rest of the colors tend to scare the child, hence giving an uncomfortable feeling each time the baby wants to take a nap.

You should find the tent that has the color that your baby loves most.

To know which color this is, just throw some Lego pieces on the floor and see which color the child will go for.

  • UV protection:

Not all the baby tents for beach use have UV filter. You should find one that can filter out the rays since the baby needs total protection at the beach.

Most of the best baby beach tents being sold in the market have the UV filtering systems, so it will not be so hard finding one that has this feature plus others that you want with the beach tent.

  • Portability:

Since you may need to carry the beach tent up to the beach with the bare hands or with a beach wagon, the portability of the tents count.

Choose a beach tent that will not give you problems during its transportation. A lightweight beach tent should do the trick.

  • Folding Ease:

You can spend a whole day trying to set up some few types of beach shade for babies. You need to make sure that the model of the beach tent that you are choosing is easy to set up.

You can get lots of baby sun shade that can unfold in a matter if seconds. The folding process being as easy as unfolding. The easiest ones to use are usually the pop up beach tents.

  • Design:

Go for a baby sun shade tent that will give the baby some view of the beach and you.

It will not feel so lonely when you are not spotted nearby, hence staying in the beach tent will not be scary for the baby.

The baby might even need some company inside sometimes. You can get one that is designed to shelter more than a baby. The height should be long enough for a full grown toddler to jump in.

Let us now see which of the beach shade for babies have managed to hit the market with quality and all these features:


1. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent ~ Best Beach Tents For Babies# 1.

The Pacific breeze easy up beach tent weighs just 4.5 pounds. That weight is low enough for anyone to handle it with great ease.beach tents for babies

beach tents for babies

The weight makes it highly portable, hence a perfect fit for long trips. It is also great for women to handle since it will not induce much fatigue.

It is pretty easy to set up the Pacific breeze beach shade for babies. The design uses EasyUp Hub system which makes it a lot easier for people to set up the tents.

The baby tent has a waterproof floor. This makes this beach shade for babies suitable to be used in camping too. The water cannot enter inside, hence your baby can sleep soundly in the tent without feeling the chilly waters of the beach.

UV rays are also filtered from entering the Pacific breeze baby tent. Wind and rain are also prevented from entering the tent, hence the baby can sill enjoy the view of the beach no matter what the weather is.

To ease up the transportation of the tent, you get a carrying case that fits the tent perfectly.

The tent is also long lasting. You will continue to use it for a long time before you have to deal with some issues.

To assure you of this, you are given a one year warranty that you can claim if any manufacturer’s defect shows up before it becomes void.

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2. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter~ Beach Shade Tent #2.

The lightspeed baby tent for beach use is made from the best polyester in the market.

Best beach shade for babies Best beach shade for babies

The polyester together with another layer can provide protection from the UV rays from the sun that can cause skin problems to your baby.

It is roomy enough to fit two grown ups and a baby. Whenever you yourself needs a some shade from the sun, you can jump in and enjoy the shade.

The weight that the lightspeed infant beach tent has does not exceed 7 lbs. It is ideal for any parent to move around the beach with.

This beach shade for babies’ folds to a simple and neat fabric that you can fit in a carrying bang and take back to the car.

The lower canvas can be extended to a longer distance so that you can lie down and feel the sun on your legs.

You also get a carrying case for this lightspeed baby tent. The case is the exact fit for the baby tent, hence you get to enjoy the portability of the enclosed tent.

Other amazing features the tent has includes the shoulder strap and guylines.

It will be much easier to use this tent than any other in the market, since everything included is for the purpose of making your time at the beach easier.

3. Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade~ Baby Tent For Beach #3.

Privacy is what you get to enjoy in the beach with the Coleman Road Trip shade tent for beach.

baby tents for beach baby tents for beach

The tent has two zippered entrances. The two zips helps you to enclose yourself in the tent and continue with your business in private.

The tent has two hanging pockets on the sides which you can use to store your personal items that you cannot leave lying around.

The Coleman beach tent can be one of the best tents for kids to take to the beach when you are going with the whole family. Two people together with a baby can fit amazingly well inside.

You also get protection from the UV rays for SPF 50+. The filtration of the UV rays makes this Coleman baby shade tent the one of the safest to bring with you to the beach.

A carry bag and sand bags are included in the packaging of this beach shade for babies.

They are just a few of the cool add-ons that you will get with the tent. They will come in handy while transporting of the tent.

The portability of the tent is further increased by its low weight. Whether you are a mom or dad, the tent will not be difficult to carry to the beach by hand.

The green color of the tent is bright and appealing to kids.

Most of the beach tents for kids are made with bright colors, but the green color used on this is appealing to almost everyone on earth, and the baby will fall in love with the tent.

Sunsmart Baby Beach Tent Canopy.


That should give you a headstart in choosing the coolest beach shade for babies. Even if a hundred more types of tents come up in the market, these will always be the best beach shelters for a good shade and protection from UV rays for you and your kids.

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