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: Funny happy birthday imagesFunny Happy Birthday Images – the perfect gift for your loved one!

It’s birthday time a day that might seem ordinary but a thousand times worth celebrating. No doubt it’s one of the most special day in everyone’s life. It is like Christmas (once a year) and therefore it’s a day you must do something special to the celebrant to make him/her feel truly special.

But wait…. what are you planning to surprise your loved one with on this special day? Ask me and I’ll tell you there is no better way to grace this day than sending him/her funny happy birthday images.

This post will go a long way to help you tell the world how much your loved one means to you.

What Are Happy Birthday Images/ Pictures?

Happy birthday images are special images that we send to our loved ones on their birthday. They are meant to speak a thousand words and wish him/her a warm birthday. Thus, sending funny happy birthday pictures to your loved one is a unique way of saying how much the celebrant means to you.

Why Do You Need Funny Happy Birthday Images?

The world is changing and as we go digital, we’re attaching more importance on visuals like images. This is making life easier and full of fun.

You don’t have to travel all the way to sing happy birthday to your loved ones, just grab your phone and send them happy birthday pictures. Receiving funny happy birthday images on your birthday is very important because;

  • It brings joy and a sense of love from your friends, family, and relatives,
  • It is a sign that someone somewhere is caring and appreciating your presence,
  • It takes you down the memory lane and revives all the funny moments that you ever shared,

Happy Birthday Images For Her.

Ladies fancy birthday celebration, she will always remind you about her birthday even when it’s a whole month away.

I heard one saying that she can definitely break off with her man if he tried to avoid her birthday.

Funny happy birthday images to her means you’re caring, and they all love caring dudes. I don’t know whether that was your lady so you must keep the date at your fingertips.

Otherwise, I’ll laugh at you when she drops you. These happy birthday images could make her day special and increase her love for you.girl1


Happy Birthday Best Friend Images.

Friends are the most amazing gifts we all cherish. And we need to cement this friendship to soar higher together.

Sending happy belated birthday images on his/her birthday is a reminder that you value the friendship and that you’re part of his/her celebration.

Imagine it’s your birthday and that best friend of you miss to send you an image wishing you well on your special day, of course, it will all be dull. Or it will be half funny.

Here are some images you can send him/her and thrill up the fun. He’ll never leave you!!!

Happy Birthday Images For Him.

Ouch! People generalize that we men don’t even remember their birthdays, quite true as for my dad he never remember this special day.

My mom always makes it a surprise for him, and we all laugh out in happy birthday dad tunes.

But……I have a friend who throws some dollars at his birthday party. He’s celebrating his birthday this month and it’s much hyped. I know he is waiting to see the funny happy birthday memes I’ll bless him with that day.

Don’t be too general, and these images can spice his day and make him love you more.

Sexy Happy Birthday Images For Him.

You want to win his heart and make that man dish out money like a broken ATM? Then you’ll thank me later for telling you that dudes love sexy things.

By sending him a sexy image, especially on his birthday, gives you a direct entry into his thoughts.

Whoever bewitched them was very unfair. These sexy happy birthday images will make him promise you the whole world, and you’ll wonder where he’ll take all the other people in the world!

 Check out these happy birthday wishes images designed for


Happy Birthday Friend Images.

When your friend is celebrating his/her birthday, it feels much more like it is your own birthday. That way it is one special day that you’ll dearly regret to forget. On a friend birthday, you’ll want to reassure him/her that you care and value his/her personal affairs.

Most people use their birthdays to find out the kind of friends they have. Be a true friend and send him/her a happy birthday image. Below are some of the best happy birthday images for friend.

Happy Birthday Sister Images.

A sister is often one of the most important people in your life and because your sister has much expectations from you on her birthday.

Sending her a happy birthday image is a great way of showing your love to her.

She believes you’ll bring much joy to her, and you will be kind to her. Above all, you also want her to feel loved and remembered.

One of the best thing you can do to make her birthday colorful is sending her funny happy birthday pictures. Nothing much… simple images like the ones below can bring joy to her.sister-2


Happy Birthday Brother Images.

Just like your sister, a brother is also an important person in our lives. Our love and affection are best demonstrated on their birthday.

Remember those days, the fun and all the sweet memories while growing together. Sending your bro happy belated birthday images is a great way to show that you appreciate him and all the times you always spend together.

You actually take him down the memory lane, and this makes his birthday funniest. Check out these best happy birthday brother images.bro1


Happy Birthday Cousin Images.

Living with a cousin brother creates a life full of crazy memories and experiences.  But at times you wonder where you will share those memories.

But you get it right if you ever thought of his/her birthday.

This is the time to revive the magic relationship. Collect all the best selfies you took together and create a special slideshow for the occasion.

You can also add an emotional touch to the images by teasing him on the funniest memories. Check out some of the happy birthday wishes you can send and uplift their joy in the party.



Happy Birthday Dad Images.

A dad is a special person in everyone life. As your dad’s birthday draws nears sending him one of the most unforgettable birthday images could be something you’re thinking of.

It is on this special day of him you want to show how much he means to you. Below is are some of the best happy birthday images for


Happy Birthday Mom Images

Mum is the most special darling in everyone’s life, and she deserves a golden handshake!

She carried you 9-months in her womb and attended to you when you were helpless. When her birthday knocks, its time for a birthday gift for mother.

Nothing can pay this price, but sending her happy birthday funny images on her birthday can put a bright smile on her face.

And because she is special to you, send her a special birthday image to how much she means to you.

Hah hah… you’ll call me a genius if I show you my mum birthday image. Here are two beautiful images you can send her.mom1



Happy Birthday Daughter Images.

How old is your daughter? As a matter of fact, every parent wants her daughter to have as much fun as possible on that special day. Of course, your daughter’s joy reflects her trust on you. It is also a sense of showing gratitude’s, for keeping her birthday on track.

While there many things you can do to make your daughter’s birthday remarkable, sending her funny happy birthday images delivers the funniest ambiance in your home. You can try these two images.daughter-2

Happy Birthday Girl Images.

Girls show more trust and love to their dads, and anytime your little girl wants something she will first tell you before anyone else. On top of this, girls and birthday parties are loyal friends and if there is one thing you can’t give a blind eye to be their birthday.

Try one day and you’ll know that peace of mind is a rare commodity. But you can make her feel loved by sending her several happy birthday beautiful images. Check out these birthday girl images.




Happy Birthday Dog Images.

So much in love with pets particularly dogs? How old is it now? You will want to celebrate your little dog birthday to show your committed love.

Your neighbors will laugh at you when you invite them on your dog’s birthday but as for you what you want is the happiest birthday for your pet.

You want that little dog to wag to you anytime you call its name, and the best way is by having a happy birthday dogs images in its kennel, your house and on its neck just like a bow-tie. Color your dog’s birthday party with crazy happy birthday images like these;

Happy Birthday Cat Images.

It’s party time and your cat birthday is drawing near. So what are you planning for this pet of yours?

You must be looking for the best way to make the birthday party colorful and memorable and am sure you will settle on happy birthday cat images.

There are myriad collections you can choose from and come up with the very best for your cat. See what she sent me on my cats birthday last month.

Happy Birthday Jesus Images.

December is a festive season and it’s the month with lots of fun. In addition, it’s a blessed month for Christians.

We celebrate Christmas (Jesus birthday) on this month. Christianity teaches us to express our joy and gratitude to Jesus who died for our sins.

But the best way to express his love for humankind is by sending birthday wishes images to our friends on Christmas.  Also if your daughter celebrates her birthday with Jesus, sending her a happy birthday Jesus image elevates her joy.

By the way, who don’t want to be associated with Jesus?

These are just one of the most joyous birthday images you can send on Christmas.jesus2






























After reading this post, we believe that your loved one’s birthday will be one of its kind. These funny happy birthday images will put a smile on his/her face while making this special day one of the joyous birthday ever. Happy Birthday!!!